Ranji Trophy vs IPL : Controversy, Performance & Money

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An ongoing Debate between IPL & Domestic Cricket

IPL is all set to host its 17th season, so are, player, broadcaster, franchise and fans. However, from past few years a debate has been aroused that players are avoiding Ranji trophy or Domestic matches and getting more inclined toward IPL or shorter format

Despite having strong batting line and quality bowler in Indian team with BCCI providing good infrastructure, facilities, best trainer and perk. India has not won any ICC tournament.

There could be multiple for this but, Many seniors and legendary player says that Lack of intent toward Domestic Cricket of players and selection choice of selectors are the big reason for this.

“IPL puts flavour and enhance excitement, but Domestic cricket is the Backbone of Indian Cricket.”

Some recent news and past stats, we will cover in this blog for you!

Omission, Rejection & Selection of Sarfaraz Khan in Indian Cricket:

Recently, Sarfaraz Khan made his debut for his maiden test against England in Rajkot. But his maiden call for the Indian National team has not been easy there have been lots of controversies , accusation.

This boy made his debut at the age of 17 in IPL in 2015 and his international debut come after 8 years. So what could be the reason behind the late debut? Expert say his fitness, media point out about being him overweight and less disciplined .BCCI official also gave similar reasons.

But the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar slams selection committee by saying “He is not staying off the field when he is scoring hundreds, he is back on the field again. All that tells you that the man is fit for cricket. If you are looking for only slim and trim guys, then you might as well go to a fashion show and pick some models and then give them a bat and ball in their hand and then include them. You have cricketers in all shapes and sizes. Don't go by the size, but go by the runs and the wickets,"

He also added in one interview that "Tell him that his performances are being recognised. Otherwise, stop playing Ranji Trophy. Say, it's of no use, you just play IPL and think you are good enough for the red-ball game as well." With the help of three centuries, Khan amassed 556 runs in six games at an average of 92.66 in the 2022–23 Ranji Trophy.

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Allegation, Accusation & Prioritising on Players in IPL, Money, fame over Ranji and Domestic crickets and trophy

Hardik Pandya , Shreyas Iyer, Ishan Kishan has been warned by the BCCI secretory Jay shah and can loose their contract.

Recently many players are recovering from injuries including Hardik Pandya and Rishab Pant. Meanwhile a recent news came up that Shreyas Iyer, Ishan Kishan and Hardik Pandya have miss the domestic cricket and did but have been practising for IPL in Baroda .

Shreyas gave the reason of Back Spasm but Nitin Patel, the head of sports science and medicine at  NCA write an email to BCCI by saying “Iyer is fit to Play”.

Meanwhile Ganguly also advised Hardik to play Ranj Matches by saying”“Hardik was injured and a break was given to him to completely recover, so that he can continue to serve Indian cricket for a long period of time. I believe I will see him play some Ranji Trophy to start with. I expect him to bowl a lot more overs and his body will get stronger”.
After that every one was expecting Pandya to play Ranji Matches and He choose otherwise to privatise his practise for IPL and white ball cricket.

Similarly Ishan Kishan extended his break due to “personal reasons” and did not became part of Ranji Matches.

Amid all this situation BCCI secretary Jay Shah gave waring without naming one and made his point clear for the players by saying that
“There is a recent trend that has started to emerge and is a cause for concern. Some players have begun prioritising the IPL over domestic cricket, a shift that was not anticipated. Domestic cricket has always been the foundation upon which Indian cricket stands, and it has never been undervalued in our vision for the sports”

There is also news going on that Ishan & Iyer can loose their central contract with BCCI.
Media, Experts and fans are targeting some player that greed of money and fame due getting in IPL so not prioritising Domestic cricket.
But, these is not the first instance when this issue has is arise, in past also , many players have been targeted for not playing domestic cricket that include Virat Kohli as well.

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Player like Sachin, Gavaskar, Dravid, Sehwag who have contributed much in Indian Cricket had spent lots of time on Domestic matches being the national players, and that helped them to achieve more what are they today. LEGENDS!

IPL is worth to watch and it provide platform youngster along with that it also give good amount of money, fame and security.

>>But should Domestic cricket ignored for this? I am leaving this on your best judgement. Please,comment your views about this ongoing issue in Indian as a cricket fan.