PELE:: From shining shoes to shining future

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>> “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”
>> “The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.”


People know Pele as a great footballer his goals and achievement in Soccer but there lots to know about this personality, but don’t you want to know how this “black boy” became “Black Pearl” for Brazil ?

A poor black child who was born in Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerais, Brazil, named by his parent as “Edson Arantes do Nascimento” inspired by the name of Famous “Thomas Alva Edison”. Same as greatest scientist this boy also became the legendary in soccer.

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Early life of Pele and facts : -

Early life of Pele was full of struggle at each and every step, but he kept kicking, passing and shooting all the hurdles coming his way like genuine footballer.

Pele’s father was the reason to get him into the soccer, he dropped out the school at the age of 11 and was enrolled for professional coaching and from here this universe was ready to become a witness of this magician player.

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Pele carrer in Soccer:

20 years, and at the age of 16 this young boy became the part of national Brazilian team.

His first international match was against Argentina on 7th July 1957 resulted 2-1 defeat for Brazil an in that match Pele scored his first goal at the age of 16 years and nine month and he remain the youngest goalscorer for his country.

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Saga of Pele:

When Pele arrived in world cup against Sweden, Brazilian manager was hesitant to play this young spark, but when Pele entered in the arena with boot in his legs, his charisma and energy was enough to convince the world that the boy is ready to rock the world. Pele score two goals and resulted win from 5-2 over Sweden.

On Pele’s second goal, Swedish player Sigvard Parling stated “When Pelé scored the fifth goal in that Final, I have to be honest and say I felt like applauding”. Pele was praised from all over the world and he kept going from here and never looked back. In 1969 Pele became first 1st player to score 1000 Goal in Soccer. He is the only player to won 3 world cup most by any player. There are many records which are unbroken and on June 1975. Pele moved to Cosmos on the salary of $1.4 million which was highest salary for any athlete at that time.

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Stardom of Pele: Holding Ceasefire in Nigeria

In 1969 when the Nigerian Civil war was going on which is also know as Biafra war, in that situation lights of city were not turned on in night, tensed situation but anyone can estimate the influence, popularity, and Charisma of Pele that Republic of Biafra and Nigerian government choose to hold the war for this match on 4th February 1969 for more than 48 hours.

Santos arrived at arrived in Arena with house-full stadium and match was tied but the people was applauding for their idol, her and superstar Pele. Pele remembered this day as “the greatest achievement in his life” and he further told that his father says to him “football is an instrument for good” which was well-proved by Pele.

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Personal Life & Controversies of Pele:

Pele married 3 times in his life and have 7 children. It is reportidelty said that Pele had relation with his house help Aniso Machado and they had secret daughter Sandra Regina but Pele maintened silence on this and never accepted due to being public figure and felt pressurised, however he gave 13 Millions Euros to her at the last.

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What Pele thought about young players of Football?

Pele recognised Ronaldo as best Player in the world, he was not big fan of Messi and referred him as a ordinary player. Pele always enjoyed the game of Neymar Jr. and shared special bond with him.

After giving hopes to poor people, sparking the lights in young generation, leaving the big legacy to carry on and inspiring the world with his charismatic life career by transforming many lives, the last wish of this legend was Argentina to win the World Cup 2022 which became true for this hero , and died on 29th December 2022. Pele is a name to be remembered always.