All Time Best Records made in IPL (Indian Premier League) History: Best Batting Figures

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IPL Records with Best Batting Figures: -

IPL is starting on 22nd of March 2024 and this would be the seventeenth season which would be very exciting and interesting. In past all those years we have seen mind-blowing performances and many records were broken in past sixteen seasons. However, In this blog We will see all the Highest and best records made by batsmen in the past 16 years of IPL matches.

Now, In this blog we will see all the highest records that has been made in the history of Indian Premier League from 2007 to 2023: -

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Most number of Runs by a batter in the IPL history

In the IPL history if I talk about the player who hit the most runs from his bat then it’s none other than VIRAT KOHLI. Virat Kohli is the top leading scorer among all the cricketer in IPL holding the first position with 229 matches played and he has hit7263 runs and at the second position it is Shikhar Dhawan who has played 216 matches and has hit 617 runs with his bat. At the third position it is David Warner an Australian player who has played only 176 matches and has hit 6397 runs till now.

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Most number of Sixes (6’s) in IPL history

Being a cricket fan you would be able to relate it very well that who will be the player to hit the most sixes and it is none other than Chris Gayle who has hit 357 sixes in just 141 matches. The second top player is Rohit Sharma with 257 sixes in 238 matches whereas at the 3rd position it is AB de Villiers with 170 matches played he has hit 251 Sixes.

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Players with Longest Sixes in IPL history

IPL 2024 is going to be more exciting as there would be lot more sixes in this seventeenth season and we would see who surpasses the records that has been created till date.

Albie Morkel is a South African Player who played for Chennai Super Kings in 2008 and has hit the Longest six in the IPL history till date with 125 meters. Also, the second most longest six is hit by a bowler Praveen Kumar with 124 meters in 2011.

Let us see below all the details for the Longest sixes hit in the history of IPL: -

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Most number of Hundreds(100’s) and Fifties(50’s) in IPL history

As per the records it would be very exciting to see the top centuries holders and also the top 50’s holders in IPL T20 format. Virat Kohli has the most number of 100’s with total of 7 centuries and further with only 141 matches played it is Chris Gayle the Universe Boss who has hit six(6) centuries.

Now, If I talk about the player who has hit the most 50’s which you can also see in the below list, it is none other than David Warner who has been the consistent scorer from his team with total of 61 Fifties (50’s) . The second position is held by Virat Kohli with total of 50 half centuries which also equals with the Shikhar Dhawan a fantastic player.

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Players with the Fastest Fifties (50’s) in IPL history till date

A young guy named Yashasvi Jaiswal with age 22 years old played among senior players and has scored fifty runs in only 13 balls and made a record in IPL cricket history in 2023. Further in the scoreboard in the second number it is KL Rahul who has scored fifty runs in just 14 balls and similar followed by pat cummins in only 14 balls.

Let us see the scoreboard below: -

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