Match Fixing in IPL 2024, Is it happenning again? Bookies tried to break the fences in Indian Premier league 2024

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intruders Bookies tried to break the fences in Indian Premier league recently for fixing the matches

In the recent matches from the venue of Jaipur and Mumbai Anti Corruption Unit of BBCI tracked down the two bookies and handed them to the local police.

In Jaipur, RR vs GT match of 28th march two suspects have been taken under arrest and on 1st April in Wankhede same suspect got seen. They were seen leaving the president’s Box which is close to Mumbai Indians players dressing room.

Bookies generally uses stadium to operates these things and do betting. Betting is illegal in India but irony is the main market of betting lies in itself the cricket.
Many players all over the world has been found guilty at various instances to fix the match.

After this news came out BCCI got alert and main question arises how they come inside to breach the rules and regulation of the BCCI code of conduct. As BCCI does not promote betting.
It is reported that police has captured 15 people with 2 Cr cash it not confirmed yet but police is investing and soon the truth will be revealed.