Navjot Singh Siddhu is back in commentary

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Sixer Sidhu is all set to join Commentry Box in IPL

"Boss, cricket is my first love. If your hobby becomes your profession, there is nothing better. A duckling would never forget how to swim. I will take to commentary like a fish takes to water.” statement of Sidhu on his comeback commentary.

Navjot Singh Siddhu will be back in the commentary box after a decade, famous for his one-liner commentary. It's very pleasant to listen to him for cricket fans.
Siddhu never disappoints the audience and fans with his humor, one-liners, and rhythmic commentary on live cricket, which make his commentary more unique and cryptic.

In the last few years, Siddhu’s life has been zigzagged, including imprisonment and his wife's cancer, but as always the "Jack of all trades", Mr Sidhu never bowed down to life, and now he is ready to make his comeback in commentary.
He says, "A gem cannot be polished without friction nor a man perfected without trials” on his comeback. A wise man once said, "Hope is the biggest ‘tope’" and that wise man is Mr Sherry.

On his way to leave cricket and join commentary he says “I left cricket and joined commentary and I did not know if this, is something I could do. I was not very confident (initially) but 10–15 days into the World Cup, the word Sidhuism came up. I was walking in a lane no one was walking. It was the lane of Sidhuism. From ₹60-70 lakh for the whole tournament, I was taking ₹25 lakh per day in IPL. The satisfaction was not with money, the satisfaction was that time would fly. It was beautiful.” 

Siddhu spoke about many players in a press conference,” Regarded Virat Kohli as: the greatest batsman ahead of Tendulkar and Gavaskar, but seemed concerned about Rohit Sharma's fitness’. He also spoke about many players, like Pant and Dhoni.

Fans are waiting for his one-liners like "Air hostess ko Hello bolkar aai gend” & "A pitch is like a wife, You never know how it's going to turn out” etc. In IPL commentary.