Latest IPL news : Is Hardik Pandya Injured?

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Hardik Pandya is injured, he is just not admitting it, claimed Simon Doull. Hardik Pandya has come under the radar of critics, when he did not complete his bowling quota enough. He only bowled 1 over and coceeded 13 runs in MI vs RCB match.

However former kiwi pacer Simon Doull, feels otherwise, he claimed that something is wrong with MI Skipper Hardik Pandya, else Hardik would not have stopped bowling.
In an interview with Cricbuzz he says, "You go out and make a statement by opening the bowling in game no. 1, and suddenly, you are not required. He's injured. I'm telling you there is something wrong with him. He is not admitting it. But, there is something wrong with him for sure. That is my gut feeling."
Problems of Hardik Pandya are not ending,  earlier he was getting targeted for overtaking the captaincy from Rohit Sharma. He was getting boo from fans till now in every match he stepped out to play.

Did Virat Kohli ask the crowd to support Hardik Pandya in RCB vs MI match?

In the last Match MI vs RCB when Crowd was booing, Virat asked the crowd to stop it and support Hardik. In result the crowd showed instant support to Hardik and also on the internet Hardik received a good amount of support from fans.

But, again when Simon Doull makes this statement he puts Hardik in target again, lots of questions are already started on the internet and tv shows.

It would be really interesting to know whether Hardik is really injured or not?  yet there is no official news from Mumbai Indians official or Coach.
Stay tuned to get more news about Hardik Pandya Fitness and updates...