Starc is all set to fire wrath on the field

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McGrath on Starc price-tag pressure

"The money that they have received is incredible. But they are both very experienced players and know the game well. They are going to go out and play well as they have done in the past. I don't think it (price tag) will impact them even one percent," McGrath Commented on Starc and Cummins

24.75 Crore is the whopping amount at which MitchellStarc became part of KKR, which led to Starc becoming the highest bid ever in an IPL in a bidding bid.
Legendary pacer Glenn McGrath has made his statement on the amount and the consequences.  Mcgrath told the MRF Foundation: 

McGrath went on to speak about Starc and felt that if he was able to move the ball around well, then he would be as good as any pacer in the league. "For Starc, he chose not to come to the IPL due to personal reasons. But he comes back and gets a record price. He will be looking forward to it. On his day, if he is moving the ball around, he will be as good as any other fast bowler," said McGrath.

What does Starc have to say about his comeback in the IPL?
"It's been 8 years, I think. Back to KKR where I was supposed to be in 2018. So I'll be back there for the chance to pull on the gold and purple. I guess my memories are a few and far between of back in 2014 and 2015 with RCB, but yeah, I'm really excited to get stuck in. Obviously, a new group of players. A bunch of guys I certainly haven't met or been able to work with before."

"A couple of guys that I've had, international guys that I've played against and come across. Yeah, it's going to be exciting. It's definitely a new challenge. But yeah, it'll be exciting. It's always a bit of a circus when it is the best T20 league in the world. So, yeah I look forward to it," said Starc in an interview with