Breaking News: Dhoni will play 2025 IPL!!. Raina Said “Khelenge”!

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Will MS Dhoni Play 2025 IPL ? It remains mysterious till now yet Dhoni did not gave hint about the upcoming season but the fans and cricket fraternity has been speculating about this.

In an recent panel discussing while commenting Suresh Raina feels that Dhoni will play 2025 IPL season. Raina is considered as the closest friend of MS Dhoni.
Dhoni Has been smashing bowlers all over the ground wherever he gets the chance to bat In this season.

Did Anil Kumble said Dhoni will play IPL 2025?

Anil Kumble said has declared it earlier that Dhoni would continue to play in upcoming season. “I never played with MS in the IPL. When I played with him in the Indian team, he was the first one to lift me up. I guess he was the strongest of the lot to lift a heavyweight. It was a fantastic moment for me."
"I remember, when I was coach and he was the captain, we were in Ranchi for a one-day game, for an optional practice session, he didn’t need to come as Ranchi is his hometown. But he was ther e for the session. I said, ‘What are you doing? We still have a couple of days before the next game.’ He said, ‘No, I just want to be around.’ That’s him."

“Sachin was the same. When I was with Mumbai Indians, Sachin had played around 25 or 26 years of cricket. But on optional days, he’d be the first one to be on the bus." "These two guys, I don’t think can take a break.”

"I won’t be surprised if MS continues to play for CSK, because that’s his optional session. He’s so passionate, he wants to be there,” said Kumble.