Subedar Neeraj Chopra: An Olympian, A World Champion & Inspiration

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Neeraj Chopra Introduction: -

Today we all know that Neeraj Chopra is a global star and records holder Javelin thrower among one of the the smartest and fittest athlete in the world, but he was not always like that until he was not teased by the local children in his childhood for being him overweight and for his obesity and the day his father decide him to get into the gymnasium at Shivaji Park in Panipat, where Chopra’s eyes catch the flying Javelin in the air and he decided his destiny at that time holding Javelin.

Below we will get to know more intresting facts about the life about the Neeraj that how a local boy of Panipat became Subedar in Indian Army? How that teased boy became global star & How he became handsome athlete among all? Etc. We have tried to cover all the questions that arises in your mind when you hear about this Superstar of India.

Believe in yourself and trust your abilities. You are capable of achieving great things.

Neeraj Chopra Early Life: -

Neeraj born on 24 December 1997 an belongs to a humble farmer family and mother is a house wife he has two sister and grown up in joint family of 19 member in which he is eldest among all of them.

Neeraj Completed his early schooling from BVN Public School. “At the age of 12 he was weighed 90kg which pushed his father to enrol him in Gymnasium in Shivaji Park Panipat”.

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Facts About Neeraj Chopra:-

When you read the above phrase you must be thinking about the boy who was overweight and belonged to an ordinary family, how can he become star at such a young age? & how Neeraj Chopra started his career? So here is the the fact about him which can inspire anyone whosoever feels low in his life

When he joined the gym and he saw flying Javelin ,tearing through the air like any missile appeal his eyes and got him interest in that. He started throwing javelins randomly and became participating himself without any proper guidance. At the age of 13 he wen to Sport Authority of India in Panipat desire to pursue this sport as his career. He met Jaiveer aka Akshay Chaudhary and started practising in the year 2010. Chaudhary was very much impressed that Chopra was able to throw the Javelin upto 40 meter without any training and became the Neeraj first coach.

After getting trained from Chaudhary for a year he admitted to Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex in Panchkula where he got trained by Naseem Ahmed and practised with his fellow Javelin thrower Parminder Singh by watching videos of famous javelins thrower in the world.

Initially he was able to throw upto 55 meter but soon he worked on his technique and strength and increased his ranged which resulted him to win the gold medal in national junior athlete championship in Lucknow with new national record of 68.40 meter throw.

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How the International Career of Neeraj Chopra was started?

World youth championship in Ukraine 2013 was his first international participation , and in 2014 he won his first international medal a silver in youth Olympics Qualification in Bangkok. Chopra finished at 5th position in National games held in Kerala in 2015 which resulted the call back for National-camp training which became the turning point in his life and never looked back after that.

He kept winning medal and breaking records like a young river clearing all the obstacles and stones, which include Asian Junior Championship, World junior championship.

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Famous occasions are:

>> Asian Athlete Championship bagged Gold Medal in 2017

>>Commonwealth Games _ Gold Medal in 2018 and became the first Indian player to win in commonwealth games.

>>Asian Games - Gold Medal in 2018

>>Olympics Games in Tokyo - Gold Medal in 2020

>>World Championship in Eugene - Gold Medal in 2022

>>World Championship in Budapest - Gold medal in 2023

>>Diamond League in Stockholm - First Position in 2022

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Fact Of Neeraj’s Journey To Joining The Army:

Now you might be thinking that a boy who was getting trained for javelin how come he did joined the Indian Army?

After having the impressive performance at South Asian Games Indian Army saw a potential wanted him to provide better opportunity so, he was offer for the direct Post of JCO in the prestigious Rajputana Rifle with the Rank of Naib Subedar which Neeraj accepted became the integral part of Indian Army at the age of 18 year old.

“Sir, I will get you the Olympic medal” this was the commitment of Chopra having the conversation with Commandant of Rajputana Rifle regimental centre in New Delhi.

And, Indian Army also provide him the best of all what he needed to achieve the national pride and get the our national anthem at Tokyo Olympics.

And in result he became star and had success in Tokyo Olympics followed by many other medal and first position in Diamond league etc.

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What is the earning source of Neeraj Chopra and his Net Worth?

Now we will have the also look on the financial aspect of Chopra’s which generally arose in the mind of people, so some fact about him are below:
Apart from the sport, Neeraj won by doing advertisement, instagram, sponsorship etc. He is endorsing various brands like,CRED, TATA AIA Life Insurance, Procter etc, and in sponsored by JSW Sports.
According to CA knowledge Neeraj networth is estimated between 33 Crore - 40 Crore rupees after calculating his earning source.

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Some Interesting Facts About Neeraj Chopra::

>> Is Neeraj Chopra is in any relationship? when was asked this question he replied with answer in No, I just want to focus on my career as of now”
>> 89.94m is the best best throw of Neeraj in Diamond League on June 30, 2022.
>> At the age of 26 Neeraj has achieved so much that a child wants to achieve in their life, he became an inspiration for youth. From being teased for his obesity to join Army and became the Gold medalist in Olympics its been a inspirational journey that can motivate anyone.

We all know that Neeraj is not going to settle here as he will make our nation much proud what he have done till now, we wish him for the best for it and every Indian wants him to shine like star.